Does God Care? Read The Psalms!

The Psalmists relate experiences from their lives—lives of doubt, questions, despair, persecution, and pain.  God’s word does not lightly pass by the troubles of believers. The Lord does provide solace in times of need.  That encouragement is often expressed in the Psalms.

The Psalms speak to the inner longings and personal feelings that come deep from within the soul. Human feelings and emotions are emitted in times of great trouble.  Readers of such human drama can identify with the cries of deep anguish. The Psalms can be treated as a hymnbook for those who want to live in the right way before God.  Even during great problems, the Psalmists teach us how to give thanks, praise, and adoration to Jehovah.  The Psalms invite us to trust in God.

Psalm seventy-three explains the suffering of those who are trying to be righteous—those who are trying to be faithful.  Despite their efforts, they still suffer.  Adding insult to injury is the fact that at the same time, the wicked prosper. Is this right?  Is this fair?  Does God care about what is happening to His people; does He take note of the countless wicked who continue living with no thought of the Almighty?

“A Psalm of Asaph. Truly God is good to Israel, to such as are pure in heart” (73:1). Space forbids including more of the Psalm.  We see the struggles of faith that Asaph had.  He wants to be in fellowship with God; he wants to believe that God cares. Yet, Asaph wavers when he sees the wicked prospering (73:4-5).  Is his life of faith and purity in vain?  Why is God so good to the wicked?  Yet, when Asaph takes time to focus on God, he sees that ultimately the wicked will perish (73:18-19).  God’s justice will be meted out.  Asaph concludes that it is better to be with God now, even in pain, and then, to be with God forever when life is over.  The wicked have no such thoughts. Asaph determined to remain with God (73:23-24).  God’s presence became the focal point for all living, struggles, both good and bad (73:25-28).

If we envy the wicked, we may end up hating God.  Our view of the world can be so skewed that we forget about God or deny Him altogether.  We find little value in faith and purity. Yet, if we will find true delight in worshiping and serving God, we can live triumphantly, even in the midst of pain.  We can live with the knowledge that God’s justice will win out.  We can know that when we are with God, regardless of what happens, we in the best possible place..  That is what the Psalms teach us.